By their very nature, alcohol and other drug abuse problems sometimes can evolve into a crisis, when immediate care is needed. Or the person who is abusing alcohol or other drugs, who has been resistant to help in the past, is now ready to accept help if it can be given immediately. Often these events do not occur during normal business hours. The following list includes services in Columbus and Franklin County that operate on a 24 hour a day, 7-day a week basis.

North Central Community Mental Health Center (in Columbus) is contracted to answer phones for the following toll-free services that connect the caller to local help. Thus, anyone who calls these numbers is connected there:

●      1-800-SUICIDE

●      Franklin County Suicide Prevention (614) 221-5445

●      Teen Suicide Prevention Services (614) 294-3300

●      Senior Suicide Prevention Services (614) 294-3309

Since one agency operates all of these services, all have:

●      24-hour access

●      Referrals to many different concerns, including drug and alcohol issues

●      Referrals include help for military personnel

Alcoholics Anonymous:

●      24-hour service- live person usually answers:  (614) 253-8501

●      Offers lay-help for alcohol issues

●      Will also refer callers to Al-Anon to provide help to families and friends of the alcoholic

Narcotics Anonymous:

●      24-hour answering service: (614) 252-1700

●      Return call can offer lay-help for drug issues


●      (614) 276-2273 (CARE)

●      Assessments available 9am –4pm.

●      Crisis Services available 24-7, walk-in or via phone

●      They are a referral agency; they can set up appointments for mental health/substance abuse services at other local providers.

●      Walk-in sites are located at:

  •      199 S. Central Ave, Columbus (Youth and Adults)
  •      741 E. Broad St., Columbus (Adult)

Use No Drugs:

●      (855) 786-7378

●      Have counselors on staff. They will try to match the caller’s needs with an appropriate counselor and referral to local treatment.

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