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speaker series

Drug Safe Worthington, in partnership with Worthington Schools, will be offering a 5 month speaker series. The topics for the series will be centered on mental health, substance abuse, addiction, as well as the latest trends involving the schools and our community. 

On the evening of the event a light dinner will be provided by the local faith based community. In addition, free child care for youth ages 5-14 will be available in the gymnasium for the event. 

Dinner (optional): 6:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Speaker presentation: 6:45 - 8:00 p.m.

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Your Presence is a Present


Javier Sanchez and the Be Present Presentation

September 12, 2018  |  Thomas Worthington High School

Your presence can be the best present someone could ever receive. People struggling with stress, depression, loneliness or being bullied don’t need all the answers, but they do need to know someone is in their corner and someone cares. But before you can be present for someone else, you have to learn how to be present for yourself. Participants will learn effective strategies for managing stressful situations and how to thrive in midst of difficult circumstances. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s important to learn how our responses to life’s toughest moments can be.


What's Trending in Our Schools and Community?


Chief strait & Lori Povisil

October 10, 2018  |  Worthington Kilbourne High School

Chief Jerry Strait of the Worthington Police Department and Lori Povisil, Safe and Drug-Free Schools Coordinator for Worthington Schools will be sharing the current trends facing our youth and community (vaping/JUULing, bullying, social media, alcohol and other drugs, sexting, human trafficking, etc.). Come for some insight into the challenges facing youth and parents and leave with a greater understanding of how to navigate these challenging times.


What A Brain Wants


Carol Taylor

November 14, 2018  |  Thomas Worthington High School

This presentation will provide a basic understanding of how brains develop and respond to stress. By understanding how the brain responds to stress and learns new skills, parents and teachers can help young people have stronger relationships and increase their self-control.

Carol Taylor is currently the Deputy Director of Coaching and Training at the Franklin County Family and Children First Council. As an educator and trainer, Carol works within the community to infuse information regarding trauma, toxic stress and resilience into all child-serving systems in the county. 

Originally from Central Ohio, Carol completed her undergraduate degree in Math Education and is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program at the University of Findlay. Carol returned to Central Ohio in 2013 and joined the staff of FCFCFC with the goal of helping all people understand behavior and relationships differently, allowing children and adults to grow, learn and live in healthy environments.


Clear the air


Ty Sells

January 9, 2019  |  Worthington Kilbourne High School

"Clearing the Air"  at Worthington Kilbourne High School. Back by popular demand, Ty Sells will help clear the air, smoke screen and myths associated with smoking marijuana. A conversation that is free of preaching and politics, but full of the relevant facts to assist adults, parents and youth in making their own healthier decisions. Free dinner at 6 pm, followed by child care and speaker at 6:45-8 pm.

Operation Street Smart


200 East Wilson Bridge Rd. 43085

Dinner at 6 pm, Presentation at 6:30 pm
**PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO childcare provided at this event. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Operation Street Smart provides current and up-to-date information on trends in drug use, including marijuana, cocaine and vaping. Attendees will learn new terminology, types of paraphernalia, as well as the signs and symptoms of someone under the influence. This presentation changes every year and is a must see for parents, grandparents and employers.

All three of tonight’s speakers have been with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office for more than 17 years. They have been involved in hundreds of narcotics operations and investigations and have attended numerous schools and trainings across the country regarding the cultivation, manufacture,distribution and sale of illicit substances.

Speakers: Sgt David Barrick, Lt. Dan Johnson, and Sgt. Brian Toth