Drug Safe Worthington began in 2011 with the mission to “mobilize efforts in our community to promote a culture that prevents drug and alcohol abuse while supporting individuals and families affected by substance abuse.”  It is a coalition of our community – parents, city staff, educators, librarians, residents, businesses, fire and police, local service agencies and experts in substance abuse – who are concerned citizens taking an active role to diminish drug and alcohol abuse in our community through coordinated outreach, awareness and education.

The Drug Safe Worthington organization consists of a Coordinating Council and Action Teams. It operates under the auspices of the Healthy Worthington Resource Center & Food Pantry, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity that has served the community since 2003.

coordinating council

Lindsey Alli | Sgt., Columbus Police Department

Amy Ambrozich | Parenting and Step Family Coach

Joan Bird | Former Director, Leadership Worthington

Lisa Bishop | Director, Staff Training/Development, North Community Counseling Centers

Tammy Bryant | Director, Worthington Youth Boosters

Sandy Byers | Former Chair, Drug Safe Worthington

Matt Greeson | City Manager, City of Worthington

Neil Gupta | Director, Secondary Education, Worthington City Schools

Rich Hagopian | Senior Pastor, Smoky Row Brethren Church

Scott Holmes | Mayor of Worthington

Katrina Kerns | CEO, North Community Counseling Centers

Patton, Monica | Civil Operations Program Manager, Ohio National Guard Counter Drug Task Force

Kathryn Paugh | President & CEO, Worthington Chamber of Commerce

Lori Povisil | Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator, Worthington City Schools

Tom Rice | Pastor, Worthington Presbyterian Church

Cheryl Sells | Director of Youth Prevention, Youth to Youth International

Jerry Strait | Chief, Worthington Police Department

Cindy Taylor | Director, Drug Prosecution Unit, Franklin County Prosecutor's Office

Bill Woods | Judge, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

Shannon Yang | Public Health Administrator, Family Health Division, Columbus Public Health

Nancy Zajano | Education Program Evaluator


Lori Povisil Chair

Lindsey Alli Vice Chair

Nancy Zajano | Secretary

chairs of Action Teams

Julia Keiser | Awareness and Education Co-chair

Ken Nally |  Awareness and Education Co-chair

Jeremy Mumpower | Communications/Public Relations

Allie Seiling | Access and Availability

Organizational Structure


Membership composition:

  • Representatives from the entire Worthington community, including business, schools, city/police, courts, faith community, community organizations
  • Identified expertise in communications/PR; fundraising; program design/materials and resource identification; and addiction


  • Plan and coordinate activities of the organization, based on its mission.
  • Long-term strategic planning to affect the culture of Worthington.
  • Assess quality of programs provided by Drug Safe Worthington and measure their outcomes on the community (e.g., number of people attending, number of materials distributed, press coverage)
  • Ensure consistency with the organizational mission
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with other community organizations


Membership Composition:

  • 6th grade through high school


  • Plan fun and safe activities for youth
  • Advise Coordinating Council


  • Awareness and Education
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Access and Availability 
  • (Additional committees/teams developed as needs arise.)