The need for our organization

To most Worthington families, the low cost and accessibility of street and prescription drugs in central Ohio would be shocking.  One in four users start by abusing prescription drugs. Heroin, prescription opioids, crack cocaine, and marijuana are all highly available and easy to obtain, according to the Ohio Attorney General, and bath salts are available at gas stations and convenience stores.  The profile of heroin and powdered cocaine users is getting younger and younger.

Equally as alarming are the drug overdose deaths.  In Ohio, there are more than four deaths per day from prescription drug overdoses; 130 preventable deaths per month. In Franklin County, drug deaths increased from 36 in 2000 to 192 in 2010, with Worthington losing several of its youths.

Drug Safe Worthington’s goal is to provide coordinated, ongoing, and focused community efforts to heighten awareness and create a culture to prevent substance abuse.  Professionals in the prevention field indicate the importance of reaching youths no later than middle school, and parents need awareness and tools to help advise their children in making wise decisions.