The purpose of Drug Safe Worthington is to mobilize efforts in our community to promote a culture that prevents alcohol and other drug abuse while supporting individuals and families affected by substance abuse.

Guiding principles

In going about our work, Drug Safe Worthington will be guided by the following principles:

Regarding Drug Safe Worthington as an organization:

  1. Environmental/cultural change is possible; we believe we can make a difference.

  2. Every member of the community can be an effective part of prevention efforts, starting with gaining an understanding of the drug culture within and around our community.

  3. The benefits of prevention impact the whole community.

  4. Collaboration is essential, both within Drug Safe Worthington and with the greater community. We want to connect with others’ efforts, rather than duplicate them.

  5. We will not endorse individual treatment providers or facilities.

  6. In an effort to support individuals and families, we will respect their need for confidentiality and privacy.

Regarding addiction and treatment approaches:

  1. Given the high risk to their developing brains, there should be no alcohol and drug use by children or teens.

  2.  Alcohol, tobacco, prescription and other drugs can all be misused by adults and youth.

  3. Evidence-based prevention is most effective.

  4. Evidence-based treatment is most effective.

  5. Family and peer involvement is critical in both prevention and treatment.

  6. Addiction is a disease, and the recovery from it requires treatment and behavioral change, rather than punishment.